2015 Auto Show

The new Renegade looks… adorable. From a distance. My best in show would be the interior of the BMW i3. Unexpected materials and new lines make for something that feels more like a living room of the future than a car. Small changes can make an big impact, and the revised front end of the […]

2014 Auto Show

When Jeep first announced the rebirth of the Cherokee nameplate with a relatively radical departure from their current design language, the general online consensus was aghast. I tended to like the new interpretation of the 7 slot grill and thin running lights. (One should note, the actual headlights are in the middle of the bumper.) […]

Boehner autograph, fifth wheel interior

A few snapshots from the Cincinnati Travel, Sports and Boat Show.

All in a day

The day started out catching mascots from around the area play broomball on Fountain Square. They’re always doing something down there. It’s nice like that. Then it was over the river to grab lunch in Kentucky. (Above, the Roebling Bridge) Back to Ohio and drove around The Banks on the river to see how the […]

hunting and fishing show

Some snapshots from the Hunting & Fishing show.