Inside out

The Contemporary Arts Center is a great architectural moment in our central district downtown. There is one floor dedicated to staff and I was lucky to take a peek around, looking out from under one of the cantilevered slabs. Inside and across from this view? A Mapplethorpe lingering temporarily from a recent exhibition. I saw […]

Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia

Mark Mothersbaugh, Myopia at the CAC. Aside from being a member and composer for Devo, Mothersbaugh is quite the accomplished visual artist and maker. His exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center is a solid glimpse into a life I would call prolific. Detail “Self Portrait with First Pair of Glasses” DEVO: Boji Boy Mask, New […]

Ben Frost at the CAC

I’d say this was the loudest music performance I’ve ever attended, but that would be misleading. Ben Frost created soundscapes that used some sort of super vibratey frequencies that rattled my hair follicles and clothing. If I knew how to meditate, I would have left the basement of the Contemporary Arts Center with renewed focus and inner […]


Tom and I had the chance to head down to the CAC while they were setting up the new show “Spectacle” and lend a hand. The exhibit is all about the art of the music video so there were lots of monitors to get set-up, queued and ready to loop. While storms raged outside, we took […]

A trip to the CAC

Patti Smith is everywhere for me lately. Above: A Shepard Fairey piece is in the foyer of the CAC. I went there with Tom to catch the Keith Haring exhibit, which was really pretty darn great, but sad at the same time as you see his creative life was cut too short. It’s worth going just to see Haring’s […]

Handmade Nation at the CAC

Left work a few minutes early to head down and catch a free screening of Handmade Nation at the Contempoary Arts Center. Can’t believe it took me this long to see the flick about the burgeoning DIY community. Makes me think that in 2011 we need to set up at more events and enjoy the company […]

Light noise

I tried to get a good shot of the Contemporary Arts Center this night. But (and you can see one blurred in the background) there are these monstrous street lamps all over this part of town that obstruct the architecture. It’s really annoying. So I gave up and decided to embrace the surroundings in lieu […]


GLSEN Prom down at the Contemporary Arts Center. Started the rainy evening out with dinner. I did my best wallflower imitation while these two danced a bit. And closed out the night rockin’ Scrabble. Good times. Oh, and here’s me and my beard!