Stehlin’s Meat Market

To make some Bo Kho (Vietnamese Beef Stew), I needed bone broth. I could’ve used some pre-made stuff, but I was determined to follow the recipe as closely as possible. I pass by Stehlin’s Meat Market every day I drive to the studio and have been curious to stop in. Sure enough, they had some […]

The birds of the Wal-Mart parking lot

I was actually shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods but Wal-Mart sounded better in the title. Also? There was a nice sunrise this morning.

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This photo means I was across the street at Burger King doing horrible things to my intestines. I’m working through the shame. In other news, I sent off concepts for a western themed wedding invite this day. The positive reaction from the grooms brightened an otherwise rainy day.

Bus stop behind strip mall

Sometimes I fill up the tank on the way home at the gas station up there in Colerain. It’s easier to snake back behind a strip mall to hit a stoplight and make the left turn home. Often times there’s a bus back here, waiting for transfers. It feels like some hidden place, completely out in […]


In the past I’d complain about what I call “Logorot” — when companies update their identity with displeasing results. Under Consideration came about with their Brand New blog which did a much better job at presenting new ID’s with some meat, context, words, and consistency. Flashback: I was in Michaels right before Christmas a month ago, getting some art […]

Sunset in the parking lot outside the burger joint

Combatting the effects of that overnight flight, but settling back in Ohio well enough. I’d complain about the cold weather, but sunsets like this quell such thinking a little.

the ceiling at the japanese joint

My friend “The Brown” is giving me angst about the boring content of my images this week. All I can say is, a dull week visually means I’m probably a little busy on the work side of things. Such is the the case here. </excuse>