I saved this coffee cup to document my annoyance. (Now that I’ve taken a photo, it can be recycled.) If Starbucks’ marketing department had anything to do with the success of their holiday cup “news” coverage, then kudos to them for gaming some system. (It’s actually a very nice design.) Related: Chris Hardwick’s least favorite word […]


I had coffee with Caitlin. She writes, a lot, and works with Springboard, and sports nice accessories, one of which is almost certainly a smile.

Spilt idea

Some ideas just need to be made so you can move on. The good news from this exploration is that I had fun trying to make a puddle into the shape of Ohio. Plus also? I enjoyed some coffee.

A sea of coffee

I can assure you, this coffee was nothing near amazing as what you’d get from an AeroPress.

The day started with coffee

The hidden coffeeshop in the alley

In studiomate Tom’s words, “This is as close as I will ever come to a Diagon Alley experience.” He was speaking of our impromptu visit to Cluxton Alley Coffee Roasters in Northside. Tucked behind Fabricate, follow the smell of fresh coffee, go in and grab a cup. If Janice isn’t around, leave a dollar. If she […]

You’re Lookin’ At Country

Actually, you’re looking at Loretta on a coffee mug, but you get the idea.

Coffee Mountain, and some Gogos

I’m always keen to see what the kids are collecting these days. I don’t get those crazy rubber bands shaped like silhouettes of things, but I do kinda understand the allure of Gogo’s.