Weapons of Mass Creation 2011

The scene: Weapons of Mass Creation, Cleveland, Ohio – 2011. Jessi Arrington just gave an inspiring talk and distributed colorful wares for the audience to step outside for a color parade. Snagged this sticker from Mikey Burton. Not sure Draplin knew he was waving a Puerto Rican flag, but it looked very close to Ohio’s. […]

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and area

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, iPhone, exterior The Trabant from a U2 show. I think that was the Zoo Station tour. I dunno. This is the hotdog Phish rode in on, during a New Years Eve show, I believe. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be interesting for folks that make […]

Stoplight stories

This shot from a corner in Cleveland is for my friend Dicky from California who said he was tired of seeing the Convenient store. I’m so behind, but I’m vowing to get caught up one day.


Back in 2003 I got nostalgic when I spotted a Convenient Food Mart in St. Louis. We had one of these stores next to a Larosa’s pizzeria that served as a hub for post high school activities back in my hometown. The pizza joint since closed and the Convenient became an Ameristop. Visiting Cleveland in […]