Inside out

The Contemporary Arts Center is a great architectural moment in our central district downtown. There is one floor dedicated to staff and I was lucky to take a peek around, looking out from under one of the cantilevered slabs. Inside and across from this view? A Mapplethorpe lingering temporarily from a recent exhibition. I saw […]

Riverboat, sunset


I remember going downtown as a kid and being excited to traverse on the Skywalk system connecting buildings. Sure it’s just a covered elevated sidewalk, but it afforded good views of the streets. There aren’t many spans left as approaches to urban life shifted, which according to this article is likely best: The story behind Cincinnati’s slowly […]

Observation deck

If the weather’s nice? A trip to the observation deck is in order.


Back home and the city was looking good as ever. Would appreciate some winter-like weather though. It feels like spring.

Bits of Los Angeles

Left Chicago early that day

The thing about the internet is that you don’t really need to schedule time on your trip to hit up The Magnificent Mile when you’re in Chicago anymore. We have Crate & Barrel in our suburbs and UPS at our doorstep. I’m remiss that we didn’t hit up Wishbone for breakfast because if America runs […]


Drove over to the other side of town for dinner with friends from way back (all the way to kindergarten.) Had a great time, but needed  to cut  the evening short as I had a deadline looming. Other highlight? The rain abated.