ID10T podcast cover

On the last day of January, the new brand of Chris Hardwick was about to re-launch. We’d locked down the logo, but the podcast was set to debut and we needed a cover. Hardwick suggested an airplane safety card and I ran with it. What you see here is the initial drawing and final art. […]


I saved this coffee cup to document my annoyance. (Now that I’ve taken a photo, it can be recycled.) If Starbucks’ marketing department had anything to do with the success of their holiday cup “news” coverage, then kudos to them for gaming some system. (It’s actually a very nice design.) Related: Chris Hardwick’s least favorite word […]

Nerd alert

Crossed paths with self-labeled nerd, comedian, dude-on-tv and all around good guy Chris Hardwick while he was on a mini-tour through the midwest.

Hardwick / McHale

Went down to the Palace Theatre in Louisville to catch Chris Hardwick and Joel McHale make some funny. Had a blast, shook Joel’s hand then stole his beer, and spent a little chunk of time saying howdy proper to Chris. Quality guy through and through. I’m not sure what to caption this one, but Chicken […]