Chili and cheese

Jim’s easy to entertain. He’s already seen most Cincinnati sights in previous visits. He is now content visiting every possible chili parlor. Today’s lunch: Camp Washington Chili.

Kroger Meal Kits

This is not a sponsored post. I’m kind of into meal kits. I’ve tried lots of them. If you’ve hung out with me recently, you’d likely heard me blather on about these Kroger Prep+Pared kits. (Prep+Pared. I stutter and gag every time I try and speak that brand name. I even dislike typing it out.) […]

Park City

Park City Chili served the corner of Northside for 100 years. The building sold recently and it’s going to live once again as The Park.


Rainy day outside. Sports on the tv and homemade chili on the inside.

Dixie Chili and then some

First time at Dixie Chili in Newport. Their style of Cincinnati chili has a bit more spice than other local joints (Not heat, more like cinnamon.) Quite liked it. No idea what Bulldog Gravy is, but it’s on my list.

A quiet lunch at Frisch’s

A day of balance, where I spent the Sunday hours doing little but cursing Daylight Savings Time. I did head out to Frisch’s by myself and read a book with actual pages. Yeah, I’m that guy. Don’t fret. It’s nice to be quiet sometimes.

Textured Vegetable Protein Chili

I’m not sure why it has taken me almost 40 years to add more recipes to my very short list of: Vegetable beef stew, cole slaw, deviled eggs, and grilled cheese. I think I can now firmly plant vegetarian chili on that menu. Don’t ask for the recipe. I just threw in a bunch of […]

Chili Cookoff & Cookie Chillout

Went to a chili cookoff even though it was hot as blazes outside. This was fine because there was cold beer. I didn’t bring any chili, but I did bring cookies. Tasty goods all around. Mental note: Get mom’s chili recipe. Oh, and there were lots more photos of the chili and the winners of […]