I’ve never stopped by a Richie’s for their soul food and chicken, but next time I see the COBBLER lit up on their neon sign, I believe I will.


cluck cluck

Spring chicks will be arriving soon at the farm, so expect more of these feathered critters to crop up in addition to the usual plethora of cats and dogs ’round here. I had to look up if chickens said “bock bock” or “cluck cluck” and stumbled again on this list of pronunciations from other parts of […]

What one might expect

Already I’ve kicked off the year with cute puppies. I suspect this year will also be filled with more photos of cats and dogs, chickens, toys, barns, cars, smiling faces (I hope), stuff from the studio, and some travel to boot. On that last note, I’m excited to be heading out to the Alt Design […]

Holding chickens

I guess it was January when Zan (pictured above) crossed my virtual path. (Thanks Merlin) That connection turned into hearty admiration for her words and her photos. And that turned into the discovery that she was from Oxford and knew Wendy’s mom from a summer program way back when. So when she was in town […]

No longer a chick

The chickens are running around the farm and studio, and they’ve just started to lay eggs. Previously: Chicks, Man

Chicks, man

(This is not intentionally “birds looking at the camera” week.) These baby chickens are just one day old and warming up to the heat lamp. Any doubts one might have about cuteness or farming will immediately have them dashed upon hearing their little chirps. More info, like, “What is an egg tooth?” on our studio […]