Every once in a while Tom gets some music in the mail that’s packaged so nicely that we ooo and ahhh and remind ourselves we really need to produce the Pure album and also make another one. In this case, it was a Merzbow CD release that initiated the conversation. Tangent lyric from childhood cropping up: […]

Edie, regarding longbox

CDs were neater when they came packaged in a longbox.

Music at the C&D

On an afternoon when the snow truly decided to fall on our fine city, I ventured out to the C&D Bar in Northside to catch some music.

A loose screw and some inspiration

This screw was on my desk. And Tom brought this Grandaddy CD over after we marveled at Frank Chimero’s new website. (The CD is “Under the Western Freeway” by the way.

Events leading up to Bockfest

Some mornings you wake up and wonder about the photos on your camera. This was one of those nights. In fact, I didn’t even snap this image. It was a Sausage Queen preliminary round at the C&D in Northside to see who would compete and try to lead the Bockfest parade coming up. I believe […]