In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Musical Arts

Joseph and Yaoyue take a bow at his final oboe recital at CCM.

Legally Blonde

Birthday dinner for a friend, then over to CCM to catch a performance of Legally Blonde. I was once one of those people that poo-poo’d musical adaptations of 80’s movies, but three songs into this and I have now changed my mind. Super enjoyable sweet silly fun. Hat tip to Joseph for helping make it […]


Brahms and Tchaikovsky Festival with the CCM Philharmonia at the Corbett Auditorium. Before the performance I reflected on the space and the philanthropy of The Corbett Foundation which made it possible. This theater is among so many venues around Cincinnati that were either built or saved by the Corbett’s generosity. I’ve many friends that have […]


Snapped this with the camera on my lap while The Brown up and gave an excellent recital. She’d been working on these pieces for months and it was evident, much to the collective chagrin of me and her friends who have been ribbing her all this time. She was excellent.

percussion ensemble

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