2018 Personal Business card

I actually pulled the trigger and made those personal business cards with an updated photo by DJ on the front that shows off my ever receding hairline and silvering beard. And Edie. On the back? My email address and a smattering of URLs. That’s Uniform Resource Locators for those that were wondering. chrisglass.com (you’re already […]


MasterCard has evolved their logo over the years, but for my money? This Master Charge card was the epitome. I couldn’t find a good photo online so I bought an old one on eBay to document. For giggles I added my name. I wasn’t old enough for credit in the late seventies, but somehow I […]

Thank you

Whenever I get a thank you card in the mail I want to send a thank you card back.

Library Card

I left my copy of Armistead Maupin’s The Days of Anna Madrigal in the seat plane pocket on vacation. My neighbor Joe told me I should get a library card and finish off the last few chapters that way. Worked like a charm.

A card to brighten the day

This little one brought me over a card because her dad says I was a super busy stress bucket. She liked the card (intended for me), so she kept it, but still… totally a day brightener. I think everyone needs to acknowledge and nourish their inner princess.