A morning with the Hasselblad

I had a handful of hours with this beast of a camera with the threat of imminent rain. I chose to do fairly straight-forward panoramas of the city from different perspectives: the Incline District in Price Hill, Mt. Echo, Bellevue Hill Park and Mt. Adams. Two snapshots below. To see them in all their printed […]

The Leica Store

I didn’t buy a camera, but I enjoyed looking through the impeccable Leica store. Unrelated snapshot from later in the evening of a burger place I did not try, but enjoyed their sign:

Sony RX-100

Things I love about the Sony RX-100 IV — the camera that is almost always in my pocket: The size. I love that the telephoto lens collapses compactly. Plus? no large buttons sticking out to get snagged on things. Articulating screen. Goes all sorts of directions for low, high shots and self-facing shots. WiFi connection to smartphone. It’s […]

Olympus OM-D

The new rig with my old lens: an Olympus OM-D. It’s no GF-1, but it’ll do just fine. I love the articulating screen and build quality. Full review after I kick it around a few months.

His grandfather’s camera

Kyle’s grandfather owned this twin lens reflex camera, and now I shall take good care of it with honor.

3 months with the GF1

Well, it’s been about three months with this Lumix GF1, and I figured I’d take a moment and spill some thoughts on this micro four thirds camera. In brief: I really like it and recommend it emphatically. With the release of the newer GF2 that has touchscreen focus control there’s been some grumbling that this […]

Kodak Instamatic 100

Instant camera

Had a tasty brunch with my mom, and she finally got to peek in the window of Fabricate’s new location. They have this awesome old Polaroid in the window. Speaking of instant photos, I’m enjoying Instagram of late, a simple iPhone app that lets you take square photos, apply some preset filters, and share… very […]