I ate this burger

I was driving home from work and all of a sudden I needed a cheeseburger, pronto. And the one at Bistro Grace in Northside? I place it among my favorites. It’s kind of dangerous to have this so close to home.

Fried Chicken

Went with a table-full of hungry fellas to the Greyhound Tavern in Northern Kentucky for their family style fried chicken dinner. (On Mondays and Tuesdays the side dishes are all you can eat.) It was the best fried chicken I’ve had in memory. Now I’m sure some other things went down this day, but the chicken is what […]

Kyle’s cookies

A warning: The ‘before and after’ rollover is quite jarring. But it shouldn’t detract from getting a sense of how tasty these cookies appear to be. And they are delicious. My friend Kyle from Cincinnati has been making huge batches of cookies for special events, sharing them with folks or raising money for charities. White chocolate […]

Loosening the belt

Christmas cookies from Take the Cake in Northside – fast becoming my favorite place to eat lunch and other treats that have lots of butter.

Snickers Fudge

Verdict? Pretty much tastes like a regular Snickers.

Ice Cream Truck


I’m partial to the chocolate dip (pretty much outside the crop). For some reason, this pit-stop feels healthier than a McGriddle, but I know I’m lying to myself.

It’s not gluttony if you’re still hungry afterward

I had this doughnut today, in honor of Nayland Blake‘s birthday.