I didn’t actually eat this birthday cake on the actual day, but that’s because there was already too much good food (and a homemade snowball cake from my brother) on the 20th. What makes this one awesome is that my mom bought it at Graeter’s and apparently they no longer write names on cakes. So […]

Tom got older

And his youngest helped make this delicious looking (albeit gluten free) chocolate cake.

Cathy’s Birthday


My studiomates have a son, and he is now seven years old. Soon? He will be able to beat me at videogames and I will officially be very, very old. I’m optimistic for the world he is finding. Not just because they’ve mixed Legos and Star Wars. Because of most everything else*. * Save for […]

A memorable birthday cake

Kelley and Kim with their most excellent cake made by elé Cake Co in Dayton. Please take note of the cupcakes. There are

Wendy makes killer birthday cakes

More photos over at Wendy’s site…

One fantastic birthday cake, plus an awesome fire and then some

My friend Chris celebrated his birthday with friends, family, tasty vittles, a delicious chocolate cake, a big ass fire, a cigar, and the whole lot of  us running around to the front of the house to catch the International Space Station zip across the sky. I’m making a new category called, “Good times.”

a birthday cake for a 6 year old girl