Maury’s Burger Night

I’ll stand by the burger deal at Maury’s Tiny Cove on Mondays. In addition to the solid meal, you get to see an interior for the upcoming movie Carol, and you might run into ladies from the Red Hat Society; which, how great is their charter? “We are a global society of women that connects, supports […]

Maury’s Tiny Cove

On the west side there’s a little restaurant tucked away that is a well preserved time capsule to a different era. At Maury’s Tiny Cove the ambiance is likely just the same as it was sixty-five years ago, only the fashions have changed. On Monday nights you can get a helluva deal on a burger […]

I ate this burger

I was driving home from work and all of a sudden I needed a cheeseburger, pronto. And the one at Bistro Grace in Northside? I place it among my favorites. It’s kind of dangerous to have this so close to home.

Things Liven up…

Yeah I posted this beer mural three years ago, but I like this shot more. Maybe we do get better as we age. Or, it’s all about seeing things in a better light.

steak burger

Busy at work of late, so I’m not wielding the camera too much. Been driving by this BBQ set-up in Northside on the way home and I’ve been diggin the handmade type and drawings on the wall. The light seemed right this evening to turn around and take a snapshot.

Terry’s Turf Club

Finally, I visited Terry’s Turf Club for what is very possibly my favorite burger. (Dare I say ever?) The ambiance was warm from the neon and jovial moods of patrons and staff. The beer selection was sublime. And the burger was Delicious.