Prom, 1992

Tina never experienced the awkwardness of prom, so she decided to throw her own. Unlike proms of 1992, this one had delicious food and none of the nimrods you might normally suffer in high school. Extra hat tip to Jonny for telling me to get my butt on the dance floor, and Tina for having […]

Kodak Instamatic 100

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Mike Perry

Again with a touch of serendipity and luck, caught Mike Perry talk about his work over lunch at Hyperakt (which was chock full of good folks in a sweet space out in Brooklyn.) I’ve followed Mike in a non-creepy way for a while, we have his Hand Job book on the inspiration shelf at the studio, and I’ve always […]

In Brooklyn

As luck would have it, I’d see Tina the next day on her turf. Flew out to spend a few days talking internet possibilities with Fictive Cameron. Soon as I landed, the visual goodness of New York began to poke me in the eyes from every direction, like this knitted bike cozy down in Dumbo. […]

Beer Friday

RGB, CMYK tattoos. (Left: Russ Maschmeyer, Right: Jessica Hische) Pinky sits obediently. “Mobile Homes” John Ford rocks this shirt better than I do. (I’d also like to mention, this is my favorite shirt at the moment) These Brooklyn fellas have good taste in beer. Because this dog is so adorable, she gets two photos. After […]

Swissmiss turns 5

I took very few photos this evening, but there was no need as Swissmiss had an excellent photobooth on site to celebrate her blog’s fifth birthday. View some choice photos on her site – or – see the whole lot of ’em! The photos do an excellent job of capturing the blast that it was.

The day ended with Canasta