Pictures of food

Eggs and bacon things Freezing outside, fever inside. But the fridge was stocked so I spent the morning making egg and bacon things and then potato soup from scratch. A first for both. The latter turned out a bit too thick but super good.

Glasses up

This is how it is for me too, since the optometrist said bifocals were an option, but the bottom prescription would not have any correction. The other approach is simply to remove your glasses when wanting to see something up close. So now I put my glasses up when working, or set them aside and […]

IHOP with mom

Mom and I hadn’t been to IHOP in years and it just sounded good. Smelled like pancakes and coffee when we walked in, a nice contrast to the cool autumn day outside. We ordered too much food and swore to avoid the sweet syrups next time. They should really make plain maple syrup an option.

Taste of Belgium

Taste of Belgium Bistro in Over the Rhine has these waffles with Nutella and fruit that cap off breakfast quite nicely. Highly recommended any day of the week. Breakfast-mate Meredith stands in front of the West End Loan I felt compelled to snap because the signage hits all the right notes. I’m particuarly fond of […]


Breakfast in Kentucky.


Goetta flower

Crammed at home, fended for myself with what was in the fridge. I know I’ve mentioned it recently, but spellcheck doesn’t believe that goetta exists.  

Sugar n’ Spice

I’ve decided my new favorite pancakes in Cincinnati are at Sugar n’ Spice. They’ve been making them for 70 years now, and I think they have ’em down pat. Also tasty: their goetta. (And their new decor is a bonus)