The Favourite

Blurry photo (it was FREEZING) after a quick gift exchange following a viewing of The Favourite—a movie that made me cackle with laughter and conversely aghast by its darkness. Such an excellent film. Highly recommended. Not pictured? A canvas print of Kyle with European Fanta in a gilded frame.

Edie with toy

Sometimes things are blurry

When resolutions get sharper, you understand focus all over again.

A different kind of get together

Couple friends of mine had this idea to invite a group of their friends over for dinner. Thing is, these were folks that didn’t know each other but would probably jive on some level. All we had to do was bring a dish and share something that we’re grateful for. I was so in to this. Only, […]

A rainy President’s Day


I’m usually pretty agreeable if someone wants to fiddle with the camera. Brooke took hold of it during the chili cookoff and kept snapping photos and smiling at the results. At one point she handed the rig over to her fiancé Mike and he caught this one of her. I dig how it turned out, […]