A good friend has a parent that believes “chemtrails” are chemical agents left in the sky by aircraft, deliberately sprayed for purposes undisclosed to the general public. Along with anti-vaxxers, fake moon landers, holocaust deniers and flat-earthers, I’m flummoxed by this present-day world of information.



I’m still kind of, but not as obsessed with Snickers varietals as I used to be. This Crisper is good, akin to a Whatchamacallit. In related news of inflating midsections, they’re now able to do four color printing on those lawn decorations. We are entering fancy times.

Those moments when the moon is undeniable

It looks small in this photo, but in real life the moon seemed huge.

Another sunset

Sometimes I make adjustments just to make a photo appear more like it really seemed.

Some days, I’m confused by the photos on my camera’s memory card

And these were the photos I pulled off from February 22. There is no intended relationship between the images.


The Wildcats lost to the Commodores, but only in score. UK is still walking away with the less ridiculous team name. Now I’m a pretty laid back guy, but some things get me really riled up. For example: – Inconsiderate driving (Tailgating, passing on the right, no signals, text drifting) – The lack of healthy […]

Crystal Memories

Above? Some sort of Moog Synthesizer. I’ve pronounced this brand of device wrong all these years, only to find out it really doesn’t matter, kind of… Video: How to pronounce Moog. Our quartet assembled in a basement and recorded improvisational songs. Someone threw out a name for the band, “Crystal Memories.” Though it didn’t really […]