Just some clouds

Just some clouds. I was happy to see them along with getting my Sony RX-100 back from repairs. (I did something to it. It didn’t work. Sony fixed it right up.) Oh, I also took a selfie to test out the innards.

The birds of the Wal-Mart parking lot

I was actually shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods but Wal-Mart sounded better in the title. Also? There was a nice sunrise this morning.

Tree line-up

This most recent snow was the prettiest yet. Nice and dry and fluffy, perfect for skiing if we had mountains.

Oil you eat

Took a bike ride and ended up here. They make edible oils of some sort, and maybe some inedible too. Seems complicated.

Turning the fields

California poppies

Driving down I-5 between San Francisco and Los Angeles, I almost lost my wits seeing the poppies in bloom. Wow. Which reminds me, it’s pretty awesome to tool down the road and have the backseat to yourself. That way you get the view from both sides. I’m making a mental note to give up shotgun […]


Drove over to the other side of town for dinner with friends from way back (all the way to kindergarten.) Had a great time, but needed  to cut  the evening short as I had a deadline looming. Other highlight? The rain abated.

One side of the fence

I had a whole post about politics that got me really hung up on this image. In lieu of holding things up, I’m moving those words to another post and getting on with things!