Boomtown and Birds

Not only do we have avocado toast in Cincinnati, we also have biscuits served with cocktails, beards and electric scooters. This Sunday I experienced all of them. (Outside of the avocado toast.) I also learned about the brand Grave Before Shave which is a notion I didn’t realize I subscribed. I was worried about the […]

Small signs of spring

Things arranged

Got the habit from my mom where I arrange things around the apartment. Just enough to know where everything is. If it wasn’t for the dim lighting and lack of expensive items, I suppose this could be tagged in the “put a bird on it” category of Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table. Thick irony of […]


Hung out with my mom 3 days in a row and it still wasn’t enough! While eating brunch I snapped this photo of her necklace because it was awesome. Semi-related: At one point over the weekend we went to see The Hunger Games with a group of friends. I complained about the shaky camera but was […]

lunchbag puppet

My friends had a birthday party for their youngest yesterday. A bit of a miracle that one year old. I like these friends and don’t see them enough. Their house is filled with life. Right out in their front yard is a vegetable garden. On the day I visited, the back was filled with families […]