Hadn’t been to the cigar tasting at the Beer Sellar for a long, long time. Finally got back and now my coat smells like a humidor. I could find out when I was here last if I fill in those blank six months of 2011’s album. This gap of posting has been on my mind, but […]

Insert Coin

The Big Mac Bridge, again

I suppose I’m obsessed with The Daniel Carter Beard Bridge (aka Big Mac Bridge), given how many times I grab a snapshot of it. (Previously March 2009,  November 2009). Spent the evening on the Newport side of the river and the rest of the day was a bunch of blurry shots. Which is a shame, because […]

Disco lights

Cigar Tasting

The Party Source puts on these cigar tastings most every Tuesday at the Beer Sellar. Not sure how new changes in smoking laws will effect this event, but for the time being it’s going on strong.