So there I am walking around New York City when I run into Dicky. He lives in California so it was quite serendipitous. Whenever we see each other (every year or so) he tells me I’m way behind posting photos on this here album. This one’s for you Dicky. Only a forty day delay!

Intersections of awesome

Ran into Andrew Neyer at MiCA today. This is an intersection of awesome in my book. I seriously dig and admire all of Andrew’s work, which defies falling neatly into any single category. And Carolyn and Mike have made a wonderful shop that I’m proud to have product in. Things are warming up nicely in the neighborhood […]

All Meat Wieners

A new favorite t-shirt from Hi-BearNation. (Not your average bear goods, made by friends up in Minneapolis.) It was packed so nice, I’m having guilt that we need to step up with better shipping goodies.  

Burgers, beards, beer

Got to the Shake Shack early and was a bit awestruck by these purple flowers. The burger? It was very tasty. My only complaint is that it was too small! Fret not, tis art: Event Horizon After burgers? A meander around the city and up to The Highline. Then it was time to find a […]


The 3 Bears from St. Louis finish breakfast. No one used the A-1 sauce.