David Bowie

Not a fan of abbreviation.

Masks aren’t really costumes

In my book, you need some other piece to go from mask to a full-out costume. Also? It’s hard to drink with a mask on, but that’s another issue.

Thank you

Whenever I get a thank you card in the mail I want to send a thank you card back.

Bear in sweater and a bunch of watches that look the same

Hastily hung this bear Zoo Portrait with scotch tape until I can frame it. My shame is palpable, but he watches over me while I work from home. In other news, I’m trying to wear a watch to be more mindful and rely less on my phone. So I dug up all my old watches […]

Ascending Bear

Back in May I felt compelled to draw that falling bear. We made a few t-shirts with the fella but it felt like it was wanting. The original idea was to include some wings and after recommendations of friends, we brought them back. It’s a weird but well-meaning tribute. Available on our online store, MiCA, […]

Drawing fur

Sketched out this fella after lunch because sometimes doing exactly what you’re not supposed to be doing is the right thing to do. Few digital things bring the reward of feeling ink hit paper. I would imagine drawing is very close to how trancendental meditation might feel.

Taste of Cincinnati 2011

I’m the guy that goes to the Taste of Cincinnati and takes exactly zero photos of food. It was sweltering that day, and packed as I’ll get out. Went in, got some Montgomery Inn barbecue and went to find shelter in some AC. My only gripe is that everything’s a meal and would benefit from […]

Testing the camera

Sometimes I think my camera is bonkers (images are too soft, metering is whacky), but I’ve found that just shutting it down and starting over seems to work. Here I was testing to make sure things stuck in focus with a few items sitting on my desk. I’ve taken pictures of these things more than […]