A Georgian Christmas Eve

Spent Christmas Eve with one of my oldest friends and her family. They’d recently completed a transformation of a dairy barn into a Georgian home. Remarkable in every detail and a wonderfully warm place to celebrate.

Revisited subjects

Two subjects that I’ve photographed many times before, but warranted capture again this brilliant day. This marked a particularly heavy week, workwise. Juggling many projects, finding success and failure, coming to grips at what I can do, what I’m good at, and where there’s room for improvement. Previously…

A barn cropped odd

Fergie really likes this bolster

Went up to Columbus to catch Scream 4 with the fellas. I think I was the least impressed. My mini-review: “Ham-fisted corn syrup.” Went back to Joel’s afterward armed with sacks of White Castles and settled in for videogames, watching his roommates dog hump this bolster between rounds of Mortal Kombat.

Fresh coat of paint

While I was off gallivanting all over tarnation, our studio got a fresh coat of paint. It’s looking mighty fine, but even better with the morning light on this clear winter day.

Enjoying Pennsylvania

The wind farm above Cranberry Glade Lake. (Avoiding poison) Putting pennies on the railroad track. Visited a graveyard where they filmed a scene from Night of the Living Dead. Things not pictured: a nice long kayaking adventure, shooting a .38, tearing through the woods in a four wheeler, and a whole host of the some […]

A trip to Columbus

Wherein I actually don’t use my camera at all while visiting Columbus. But at least I caught this barn on the way up. Yes, I know, barns are becoming as prevalent as pet photos here.

Travelin’ north on I-71