Clara’s first Christmas photoshoot

Her mom started the casual photo session showing me Pinterest mood boards. Bless your heart, Heather Brown. The good news is that your spawn is adorable.

Game day

Friends that used to hang out at the neighborhood bar don’t get out as much because they’re building families and moving just a little farther out of the city to have a yard. But every once in a great while, we gather and break bread, open bottles of wine, and play games and generally laugh […]


So many good parts crammed in less than 48 hours. Meeting friends’ new son, his grandma and great grandma An inflatable bed that did not deflate overnight Winning Scariest Halloween costume The apple sheet pie pictured above The red velvet donut from Paula’s donuts Watching the football game on a lazy Sunday afternoon with my […]

A strange way to collect money

My friend wanted a hot air popcorn popper at midnight. The place we went had this “donation box” for Children’s Hospital near the registers.

hello for the first time

Thanks to modern technologies, I’m more in touch with old friends than ever before. I dig this, because I’m not good with phone calls and holiday cards. So when I heard my friend Gretchen had her first child, I zipped down to say howdy. She and Sean had a healthy baby boy.