Star Wars with the Cincinnati Pops

Highly recommended: Star Wars Episode IV with a live orchestra. Hat tip to Heather for the suggestion to catch the Cincinnati Pops provide the score. Even better? If there’s a Luke in your city to pose with folks for photos and raise money to buy Star Wars toys & pay medical bills for families.

American Sign Garden

Giddy to see the American Sign Museum repurposed and installed the old Cincinnati Gardens type today. Even using the old S! (hat tip to Eric) Related link: The Gardens Font Family Photo I grabbed of the building in March 2017 before it was torn down:

Mean Girls Club

Whenever I see a message from my friend Dicky, I’m excited before reading what it says. This man is personified delight and always has good things to share. This instance was no different. He asked if I’d seen the comic Mean Girls Club by Ryan Heshka. And though I was familiar with Ryan’s work, I […]

3D Portrait

Went to a Northside Community Council meeting and enjoyed hearing from all the folks in the neighborhood about the happenings and whatnot. Happen, Inc. closed out the evening, talking about their latest programs—one of which is perfect for a project I’m working on. Stop in to their Toy Lab and they scan you and create […]

Killer ring

I’m not sure if killer is the right adjective. Others that came to mind: awesome, sweet, and kickass. Hand-forged by this excellent fella named Geoffrey.

Charley Harper: A Bird’s Eye View

We Think the World of Birds commission for Cornell Lab of Ornithology    2005 ( Final piece + initial sketch with cut paper and acrylic ) I Predict the Weather gouache on board for Look Magazine    January 1955 ( Final layout + initial gouache painting ) The Fables: Jonah and the Whale Silkscreen    ca. […]


Two shots from the phone at the eXile Bar in Columbus with the inaugural performance of Hairplane! As they’ve been described: “Hairplane! is a tongue-in-cheek lounge act similar to Richard Cheese or Nouvelle Vague, with a Morphine flavor.” I think that sums it up nicely. Dag they were good.

Josie’s Ginger Beef with Root Slaw