2018 Auto Show

This year’s Auto Expo was like many of the others. LEDs are getting more neon-like, but otherwise? Just a lot more SUVs and crossovers. Kind of snoozy. Projecting logos on the ground when the door opens seems to be a thing now. This custom van interior seems good for road trips.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and area

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, iPhone, exterior The Trabant from a U2 show. I think that was the Zoo Station tour. I dunno. This is the hotdog Phish rode in on, during a New Years Eve show, I believe. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be interesting for folks that make […]

Your mileage may vary

1,498 days ago I bought a VW Rabbit. This, in a relatively short line of cars of my life: Renault Alliance – it barely worked my days in high school (College without) Geo Metro – first job, first real (used) car (Thanks for selling it to me Wendy!) VW Passat Land Rover (lease) VW Passat […]


I always thought this car was called a hurst growing up.