The old YMCA

The gothic YMCA building at 270 Calhoun Street in University Heights opened in 1930 for $175,000. Pretty sure it’s been sitting empty for over a decade. To rehab it would be expensive, but dang how neat would it be if they did?

The Swing House

It’s rare when art and architecture cross paths so firmly as to elicit goosebumps and absolute joy. The Swing House opening did it for me, and I’m pretty sure by my mom’s expression, she loved it too. What is The Swing House? A three-story home in Camp Washington where all floors have been removed, the […]


One Lytle Place


I keep circling around this building to understand it better.


You sadly can’t take photos inside Fallingwater, but I totally understand why. Lots of people tour through this home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kaufmann family, so it would cause quite a hold-up if there were any amount of shutterbugs. Now I had been to Taliesin West back when I was out in […]

Light noise

I tried to get a good shot of the Contemporary Arts Center this night. But (and you can see one blurred in the background) there are these monstrous street lamps all over this part of town that obstruct the architecture. It’s really annoying. So I gave up and decided to embrace the surroundings in lieu […]

Golden arches

I started off the day trying some of that fancy coffee from the McCafĂ©. Didn’t really agree with me. Dishwatery. Ended up the day passing this newly constructed McDonald’s sporting a new (to me) exterior design. The flagstone treatment is on a rampage of late, popping up on the sides of every strip mall and box […]