iPad Pro

I was able to go into an electronics store and see three new Apple products and walk out empty handed. (For the record: iMac Retina, new Apple TV, and the iPad Pro – All impressive, but none justifiable.)


I’m one of those people. I was lucky enough to plan lunch around an Apple keynote. I chose Taco Bell in a half-panic/horrible-desire to make it back in time to see the streamed event. Watching these keynotes is almost as good—if not better than—standing in line to buy something new. Not just new… New with attention to detail. […]


If you’ve met me, you know my flailing hands often add adjectives and punctuation to conversation—so much that I often stuff them in my pockets to appear more mysterious. To have another computing device that removes abstracted layers of interpretation between thinking and doing, well, I’m all for it. I’ve long considered Apple Computers my preferred […]

Seed Bomb Factory

Took a peek inside the Seed Bomb manufacturing facility yesterday, even made a few myself and felt one with the earth. Bonus still life from the factory floor:


Laptop flickered and made alarming beep noise again. Dead. Call to support, this time with proper screwdriver on hand. Back in business but lost a tiny screw in the process. Support fella said, “Just pop into the Apple Store for a little screw. You should be in and out in 5 minutes.”

an appointment that ended well

Laptop was too grumpy to start up. Folks at the Apple store fixed it with a smile. (Actually, they used a tiny screwdriver and some know-how.)

Happy anniversary, Macintosh