Garfield phone

Mom and I went back to the West Chester Antique Center because when we were there the other week she put her name in the hat for a door prize. They called and said she had won something! Turns out it was this Baileys table lamp. Maybe you’re thinking, this is all very flea market […]

The Handmaid’s antique store

Afternoon with mom. We went off the beaten path we normally traverse and came across this West Chester Antique Center.

The most expensive nightlight ever

Lionel four car train set from 1938… $1800.00 at the 20th Century Cincinnati show. Ended the evening in Lexington at the Parkette.

Public phone

A quiet day.


A bit more radical of a before/after than usual, but after reading about Jessica Walsh’s process for taking studio photos (be sure to click on the numbers by the image in her post to see the set-up), I felt the need to break away from a white backdrop and try something colorful. (It’s just a […]

Warm nails and a firetruck

So it like, snowed. From the weather reports and bread aisle, there was some skeptical but tangible concern. But it was nothing outside of bitter cold (which continues I should add). Anywho, I noticed the nails or whatever on the rooftop below held some warmth. And they made this pattern. At least, I think so. […]

more for conversation than for reference

My geography lesson pretty much failed because this antique globe is more for conversation than for reference. S’pretty though.