American Sign Garden

Giddy to see the American Sign Museum repurposed and installed the old Cincinnati Gardens type today. Even using the old S! (hat tip to Eric) Related link: The Gardens Font Family Photo I grabbed of the building in March 2017 before it was torn down:

The Grand Budapest Hotel and museums

Caught The Grand Budapest Hotel which felt like Wes Anderson iterating on prior themes with precision and delight. Quite enjoyable visually, and the story clipped right along with nary a hiccup. Todd Pavlisko: Crown at the Cincinnati Art Museum. (Bullets whizzing by iconic works from the permanent collection and into this bronze cube above. Below? All the coins […]

Music and signs

Record release party for the Tammy Whynots at the American Sign Museum.

Saving the Arby’s sign

The American Sign Museum is hoping to save a little bit of history, by preserving the sign from the Finneytown Arby’s being remodeled. I’ve always loved this classic larger than life ten gallon hat, all neon and chasing lights. Fingers crossed it finds a permanent home. Details on the efforts are posted on their site.

Always finding something new at the Sign Museum

Went with Peter for a tour of the American Sign Museum. I always find something new there.

Previewing the signs

Tonight? I saw my design (along with 10 others) in all three dimensions for the first time at the CoSIGN unveiling of Northside signs. And man, every single one of them looks great. I’ll mention, it’s the first sign I’ve ever had part in working on, and it was a pretty dang awesome experience. Above? There’s Chris […]

American Sign Museum print

Friends at a local store asked if I’d contribute art to a gallery opening and I didn’t know what to make. I thought it’d be fun to print out a photograph of the American Sign Museum on our t-shirt press. Tom did all the hard work. Really happy with how it turned out.

Another addition outside the American Sign Museum

This time it’s a really big pig. I’d be remiss to post about the American Sign Museum and not include a link.