Leaving Las Vegas

Up at 4am to catch the flight back to Cincinnati. I said there wouldn’t by many shots inside casinos, but seeing these old mechanical slot machines at the airport made me give in. Plus the whole day felt like a sleep deprived zombie.


I enjoy long layovers, where I can wander leisurely and enjoy the bustle. Where I can eat at my own pace and look up why Chicago’s airport has the code ORD: A defunct community just west of Chicago called Orchard Place became the site of a military (and later, commercial) airport called Orchard Field. In […]

A brief layover in Detroit

Japanese Toys! From Kokeshi to Kaiju

Really dug the Japanese Toys exhibit at Terminal 3 of the SFO airport.

Red-eye flight

Travel day: LAX > DTW > CVG Seems I’ve been through the Detroit Metro Airport before: Previously, in 2004. I do very much love the light tunnel connecting concourses, even when running madly to catch a connection. The rest of the day was spent wondering why I thought a red-eye flight was a good idea. […]

Exiting Utah

Thus concluded the quick trip to Utah. The conference? Eh, it largely lacked detail and depth. I’d be frustrated, but I really wasn’t the target market. These things are often about meeting others, and I was lucky in that regard. Enjoyed chatting with Jon Armstrong, hearing Dooce speak (In Utah, WTF means, “What’s That For?”, and […]

The travel day started out with a 5 dollar foot massage

A bargain really. Spent the day going from Vietnam to Laos, with a chunk of airport time in between. We suspect this dinner gave me and Dan incredible bowel issues. Not too fun for 24 hours. Arrived after nightfall into Laos and made it to our rooms at 3 Nagas.


Erik arrived just before midnight. I subjected him to a snapshot so I could check off that item from my daily to-do list.