I missed my first flight

Ever fixated on your arrival time so much that you forgot your departure time? Yeah, that was me. Luckily I was able to switch to a flight 8 hours later and get a boatload of work done. Heading west for a wedding.

I rarely regret a window seat

Yeah, so, I was home in Ohio for a few days, but that turned out to be a pitstop. Did some laundry, caught up best I could, then boarded a plane for California. Working out here for a few, then heading back home to hit the heavy season pulling into the end of the year.

The long, long planerides home

Prepare for pictures of varying quality from my phone after I battled moving across a dozen timezones in really tight quarters, only to land in Ohio for a few days before starting another travel stint. More on that soon, until then, here’s a breakfast from Korean Airlines.

Through the plane window

A few more images from the long, long, flights. It’s times like this when I wish I had geo-location embedded in these images. Where did I take this?! No idea. Somewhere over Russia? China?


Dinner on the long, long flight on Korean Air from Chicago to Seoul.