First snap with a new lens: a Canon 40mm f2.8 for the big gun—a Canon 5D Mark II that usually collects dust. This takes the behemoth and makes it feel anew and comfortable to lug around. A reasonably priced, great performing piece of glass.


A bit more radical of a before/after than usual, but after reading about Jessica Walsh’s process for taking studio photos (be sure to click on the numbers by the image in her post to see the set-up), I felt the need to break away from a white backdrop and try something colorful. (It’s just a […]

Oscars® Ballot / Rocco

I failed pretty miserably at voting on my ballot, but not as bad as James Franco did co-hosting the show. Bless his heart. Best thing I heard on the matter? James Franco, don’t quit your 999 other day jobs. – @ditzkoff My brother and his partner’s new pup, Rocco.

Mic’d stairway

Acoustics in unlikely places.

Exiting Utah

Thus concluded the quick trip to Utah. The conference? Eh, it largely lacked detail and depth. I’d be frustrated, but I really wasn’t the target market. These things are often about meeting others, and I was lucky in that regard. Enjoyed chatting with Jon Armstrong, hearing Dooce speak (In Utah, WTF means, “What’s That For?”, and […]