Saturday, January 11, 2020

On this dreary day I took a break, went downtown, looked at this fake Eames lounge chair and just a few blocks away examined a “real” antique one. I know it is low slung and looks nicer than it sits, but I’ve obsessed about this chair for a long time.

In a separate timeline, the tall version of this chair would be priced reasonably. (The tall version was introduced in 2010 “to accommodate the ever changing sizes of the population.”)

I texted a circle of friends… Get the fake one! Make a long term goal and save up for a real one. Are you crazy? Looks great! You won’t fit.

I begrudgingly left all the stores behind. This was a matter of contemplation that should happen AFTER organization.

So my mad cleaning kick continues. Over the past 3 years of living in this apartment, every surface and corner has been encroached by stuff and my focus is suffering. The goal is to pare down, move the computer out of the living room and make different areas of activity. Namely, I’d like a comfortable spot to Make, another one to Read and the main floor to Cook, Entertain* and Vegetate.

The truth is? I don’t need any more chairs to accomplish those tasks.

* I have so many board games. Some still wrapped in plastic. They need used and if they are poop I need to let them go. But most importantly? Things need to stop collecting dust.

Listening: “Rise” PiL


Friday, January 10, 2020

For a January? Things feel a bit more densely packed than usual. Engaged is good though.

Popped out to catch up with Garret from Storyocity over a flight at Urban Artifact. Great conversation about work, life, balance, goals, inspiration, dream projects and then some. Good way to close out the week.

Listening: “Lost in Yesterday” Tame Impala

The not junk drawer

Thursday, January 9, 2020

It is not a junk drawer, it is a drawer of very useful things.

Listening: “Uneventful Days” Beck (St. Vincent remix)

The Golden Age of Television III

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The streak of sharing meals with friends continues. Joe and Mike were hosts and we had lots to catch up on… Engagements, software, stories of intrigue and retrieving stolen cars, and the new water cooler talk: What shows are you streaming? It’s a bunch of overlapping circles as we live through the Golden Age of Television III. These conversations help us reorder and manage the queues.

Because for me? The rule is generally: one show per night, if at all. (Unless it is the weekend and the weather is gross.)

Of course Fleabag
Devoured Mandolorian
Got on board with The Morning Show
Just started The Boys
Dallying with The Crown
Trying to figure out when there’s a new Good Place
Pondering if I should start Watchmen
Wondering who has a Showtime login for On Becoming a God in Central Florida
Waiting for Rick & Morty
One day going to tackle The Office, The Wire (maybe)
Those other seasons of Mrs. Maisel, Handmaid’s Tale, BoJack
Been told The Americans is good
There’s always Succession.
Will I ever finish Game of Thrones? Finale reaction makes me think, naw.

The list never ends, and I very much doubt we’ve anywhere near “Peak TV.”

Dinner dishes stacked, we gathered round the television to watch a favorite: Schitt’s Creek. This is one of those “you have to stick with it” shows. I was suspect for many a season, but its heart eventually won over. What I’ve found I like most in a show is if there is a character arc, if people change.

Take Transparent for example. Great set-up, but you eventually realize all these characters are selfish and frankly? Not really worth the investment.

So yeah, Schitt’s Creek. Final season streaming now in Canada. Which is a wonderful bonus because I thought it was already over! The Times has a night write up about the trajectory of the show.

For now? I’m going to try and find whatever way possible to watch it and savor every episode.

Listening: “Cash Machine” Oliver Tree (If you don’t know about this Oliver Tree, I recommend watching at least one of his videos. Recommendation by Mike.)

Lucinda Rogers ”New York”

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Lucinda Rogers New York

I learned of this crowd-funded book on Kottke.

One thing I really like about Kickstarter? They don’t discard project pages, so you can still see the pitch for Lucinda Rogers New York drawings.

I love her approach to drawing… expressive, varied media and the perfect amount of detail and space.

Lucinda’s website | Instagram

Lucinda Rogers New York

Lucinda Rogers New York

Listening “No Stress” Tycho with Saint Sinner


Monday, January 6, 2020

I change the cover photo on my home page, oh, about once a year? Maybe less. With the calendar flip I thought it was time to update and prune some weeds.

There were old albums and books listed there as well and that got me to thinking, I miss having a log of all the music I listen to (Audioscrobbler). Logged back into and resurrected my account. So long as I use Spotify (which I still prefer over Apple Music), I can at least keep a record.

One tiny goal is to be more engaged in music and not fall prey to letting generated playlists fill in the gaps. Algorithms are fine for exploration, but I want to exercise more intention. Also on the list? Hook the record player back up. It’s been sitting in a new and horribly designed record player cabinet that doesn’t have holes for cords.

Listening: “Ursa Major” Suss (a recommendation from Tom after he visited Shake It)

The Gold Rush

Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Pendleton neighborhood in Cincinnati

This, the last day before the new work year would kick off in high gear.
Brisk day.
Pendleton neighborhood for lunch.
A cocktail with bee pollen.

Boomtown Whiskey and Biscuits cocktail

Listening: “Pop Song” Perfume Genius

Modernity has failed us

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Cadillac Escalade

Spent the morning wandering the aisles of Costco with Kathryn. Downside: We got there at 9:30am on the dot so there were no sample stations set up. Upside: She agrees with me, this counts as exercise.

This Cadillac Escalade has nothing to do with this experience other than I made a wrong turn after dropping her off and felt like I ended up on the set of a very sad television program.

Listening: “Love It If We Made It” The 1975