Subway murals

Saturday, June 22, 2019

There is A LOT of art cropping up in the subways of New York.

This particular mosaic by Vik Muniz features my friends Thor & Patrick. I’m sure they’ve lost count how many times they’ve recreated the pose in front of it for visitors, but I caught them in a particularly playful moment.

From the MTA description for this body of work:

Vik Muniz photographed more than three dozen “characters” who represent the unique and quirky kinds of people one encounters on the subway. These photographs have been recreated in mosaic and installed throughout the mezzanine and entrance areas, populating the station with colorful New Yorkers of all stripes. With the generous expanse of the mezzanine concourse, the figures humanize the space and provide bursts of color and visual interest, providing an opportunity for playful discovery while moving through the station.

I quite liked this mural/mosiac by Chuck Close to boot:

Into the city

Checked out of the 60’s and back into reality, well, New York City that is. Where the bustle feels like it was turned up a notch since my last visit. But all the temptations remain. Namely for me? Pizza and ice cream. I’m doing my best to minimize, but not entirely avoid, both.

This will prove to be difficult, but not insurmountable. (This is also a place where you can walk in and order “keto bowl” off the regular menu.)

Classic NYC is still present though.

TWA Hotel, day 2

Friday, June 21, 2019

On day two, Patrick and Thor came in to spend the night and celebrate their anniversary. The thing about this hotel? There are endless things to discover tucked away in every corner—none of which are 90°.

More photos here, same link as before.

The TWA Hotel, day 1

Thursday, June 20, 2019

I remember the articles, when JetBlue was going to turn the old TWA terminal into part of their check-in area, and later? A hotel!. That proclamation was four years ago, and even though some of the players have changed, it actually happened and opened last month.

I had some things to do in the city of cities so I designed my trip to start at this very point.

And oh how beautiful it is. The details are delightful, down to the dress of the staff, music playing throughout the public areas and the appointments inside the rooms housed in two new wings. The incredibly exhaustive use of a single typeface helped too.

There are more photos from my stay here, but for the sake of maintaining continuity, here are a few more favorites from day one:


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Whenever I see this cat, it means I’m doing something responsible: handling an estate, due diligence, channeling mom’s perspective, understanding the state’s requirements and mitigating the possibilities.

I’ve learned many things over the past eight months, but one major lesson is that all of us need to address the inevitable.

Everyone in our lives deserves to know how we want things to play out–the more detail, the better—and get a human involved! Even if you create a Will and Testament online, schedule a review with a real-life attorney.

My family is lucky that mom had things pretty well handled, but naturally there are details I’d love to ask her more about.

Then again, I’d love to ask her lots of things about all sorts of topics.

Which gets to the other big lessons that have emerged, but were always there:

Make plans.
Put down the device.
Do the things with the people you care about.
Go to the places.
Have the conversations.
Wonder together.

Chung Ching

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

I had my great niece over and when asked what type of food she wanted for dinner, she did not hesitate, “Chinese.”

Easy. Chung Ching was up the hill and I’m only sad that I didn’t know about this place earlier.


Monday, June 17, 2019

Jim Corbett of St. Louis holding two fake shrubberies

Jim doesn’t routinely hold fake shrubberies to my knowledge, but he has one for breakfast. Hopefully it’s okay if I reveal it publicly to the 7 folks who follow along to this photo journal.

There are a few significant parts to this routine: the composition of the meal and the mental process of cooking. Every ingredient has been chosen to provide some sort of health benefit and keeps on the shelf (or in the freezer) with some efficiency.

Then there’s the order in which things are done: take out the eggs to warm to room temperature, get one slice of Ezekiel bread from the freezer, chop fresh garlic, tear parsley, get the vinegar, kosher salt and kimchi ready.

Jim does this every morning, and it has turned into a meditation to start the day.

I realized recently (when I tried to do a skin care regimen) that I simply am not good at keeping a routine. I very much hope to change that. If only I had this Everyday Calendar by Simone Giertz…

My reality is likely: I need constraint to conform—some parameter or requirement that minimizes error.

That’s on me.

As for Jim’s breakfast, I think I have a handle on how to poach eggs now, and combined all together? This routine was super tasty.

Jim Corbett of St. Louis' daily breakfast

Vampire Weekend

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Vampire Weekend at PNC Pavilion in Cincinnati

Bucket list concert: Vampire Weekend
Venue: PNC Pavilion
Verdict: AWESOME

I’ve dug all their albums and always figured they’d be extra good live. And they were, going off into some heavy or funky tangents and keeping it spicy. I scoffed at the beginning that the staging was a bit lame, but I soon realized none of that matters. It’s all about the feeling and the music. (Though I did bet Casey 5 bucks the globe would spin. *SPOILER ALERT* It did.)

Vampire Weekend at PNC Pavilion in Cincinnati