Sunday, March 10, 2019

Obligatory holding of the theatre programme

I’d heard bits and pieces of Hamilton prior, but didn’t have a real grasp on the music or synopsis, which made seeing it unfold in a live performance a total delight.

I feel like I know more about the founding of our country than ever before and I’m left with intense curiosity to learn more. It’s great when an experience matches the accolades.

Travel haircut and thoughts on photo edits

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Edie in repose + me attempting a flattering selfie with expression and angle to combat the drawn out look I normally convey

A fella named Adel wrote in and asked about the before/after effect showing unedited photos on here. Where did it go?!

Long story long, there are a variety of reasons why that feature became a bottleneck.

  • It adds complication.
  • I’m attempting to edit much less these days. (In fact, I’m mortified by how I edited photos a decade ago. So antiquated.)
  • I’m more interested in the catalog of days with this album, favoring historical views of datasets over the history of a single photo. I’m looking for life patterns.
  • It took a lot of time to make this before/after feature happen, and it is a large part of why I get backlogged.
  • Before and after photos make searching assets difficult. If, eventually, I want to search media and not posts, results will be doubled. (Unless there’s a function to not display images that had the “og” (original) tag.
  • I’m always looking for the better way.

For concession sake, if a photo edit is particularly dramatic, I’ll include the original and make note.  🙂

Post note: This photo edit is not particularly dramatic.


The Pickled Pig

Friday, March 8, 2019

Waiting on a friend

Got a little behind here. Lots to fill in.

Had lunch at the Pickled Pig, a new joint in Walnut Hills. If you’re from here you’ve likely seen their fermented goods around town and at farmer’s markets.

Caught up with Maya. While the gray day drizzled outside, we warmed up with mushroom soup and conversation. (Note: If you go there for a meal, someone in your group should get the pork burger with kimchee.)

Why are you not feeding me?

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Hungry eyes

Remembering Hawaii

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A colorful assortment of Hawaiian matches from my parents’ collection

My parents went to Hawaii by themselves in the mid-1970’s to “check it out” and see if it would be okay for a family vacation. They deemed it acceptable, so we made a big trip with the whole family twice over the years. Once I think we even brought along both my grandmothers, but I need to verify.

It’s hazy, sure, but there are very distinct moments I remember.

  • A fresh lei of flowers as we exited the plane.
  • The taste of fresh pineapple, unlike anything I’d ever had prior.
  • Weaving a grass skirt and learning to hula.
  • The luau where I refused to eat any of the pig. I even pouted about it for the rest of the trip.
  • Amazing hula and fire dancers at said luau.
  • Laughing too much whenever a pu pu platter was on the menu.
  • Getting my Hawaiian name on a license plate for my bike. I swore it read KIKI, but apparently the internet says it was KILIKA. (I prefer Kiki.)
  • I remember a terrible sunburn and fighting with my brothers for touching my red arms in the back of the rental car.
  • A bite from a jellyfish that made me super whiny. (This was also paired with the sunburn.)
  • Driving up a winding mountain road (to a volcano?) and encountering a dead end. Feeling like there REALLY needed to be some guardrails–like REALLY really.
  • The smell of coffee.
  • Making sand castles on the beaches.
  • Collecting shells.
  • Lots of smiles.
  • My first experience of Benihana.
  • The huge rainbow on the side of the Hilton.

It was the latter, along with the vibe of the islands that informed my visual style as a designer, I think. Well, mix in the Muppets and Ed Emberley and Charley Harper and a host of other things… But yeah. It was a component. A moment that captured my family at their most adventurous (in the 80’s we would go on a cruise and that was pretty amazing too, but not as visually stimulating.)

It’s fun to look back and think about.


Tom, testing

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Explorations of water-based inks

We’re sitting at our desks and can hear Tom clang around in the darkroom making a ruckus (making screens). An hour or so later he pops up to the co-working space and shares a few swatches of fabric that look like prayer flags.

He’s experimenting with water-based inks. (We’ve traditionally used plastisol inks which have their benefits, but are caustic in general.) He’s got an idea for his next book, so what he learns here helps every facet of printmaking.

What I failed to mention: It’s always delightful to see what Tom makes, even when he’s just testing.

Hot Dog Pillow

Monday, March 4, 2019

Kathryn’s Orthopedic Hot Dog Pillow

Not a very visually stimulating Monday outside of the screen, so I snagged this pillow as a way to fill out the ‘me holding things‘ tag. (I’m really enjoying this ability to browse back in time this way.)


Sunday, March 3, 2019

America’s Largest Portable Observation Wheel (Their description)

We’ve got a semi-temporary ferris wheel on the banks of the river downtown, the SkyStar. I haven’t managed to board it or set up a tripod at night and get nice exposures of all its colorful lights, but it’s on my list.

So in lieu of all that, here’s a badly framed picture with no sense of context and gray snowy skies.

Two significant things of note happened outside of this dud photo today:

  1. Sleepy Bee Cafe has fantastic jam that comes in a squeeze bottle. Super bright and tart and delicious.
  2. I spent the cold snowy afternoon working entirely on a project I’ve had in my mind for a few years, which was terribly exciting to visualize. (More on that someday, I hope.)