Estate Wagon

Friday, December 25, 2020

Most of my photos from this Christmas morning are texts to friends and family sharing moments.

That afternoon I was out dropping off a meal and sneaking a few cards into mailboxes.

Tried to find a live nativity up in College Hill but gave up and found this Caprice Estate wagon instead.

We had one of these growing up.

My favorite part was sitting in the third rear-facing seat.

Looking back.

Going forward.

Acting silly, as if that seat were a stage for the audience in the car behind us.

Delivery eve

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Started the day dropping off a load of gifts in Kentucky. Across the street a family had a different approach, setting out clumps of gifts with big chalk descriptions.

Then it was off to the east side suburbs of Cincinnati for the next stop. Tried to sneak things on the porch but a “Chris Glass has joined your Wifi network” alert almost foiled the plan. (Was long gone by then.)

To close out the evening, heated up dinner from DOMO. I know, broken record, but these meals have been a highlight of the year. (The Beef Wellington even came with a meat thermometer.)

We do what we can

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The good part about having a keyless entry to the building DURING A PANDEMIC is that you can set presents on the steps and chat with folks from afar for gift exchange.

It was good to see Robert and Lola decked out in her holiday outfit, even from a distance.

Not ideal, but better than nothing.

He also dropped off the most decadent red-velvet cheesecake cookies from my Aunt April, pictured below.

We do what we can now so we can do what we want later.

Where Paddock meets Vine

Monday, December 21, 2020

Indian sign Hartwell Cincinnati

This sign… “was commissioned by Walter E. Schott, an extremely wealthy local businessman. His son Charles married Marge—yup, that Marge. Walter owned Sky Pontiac in College Hill, where another son, Walter Jr., ran daily operations, and in 1954 he leased the property in Carthage for resale of Sky Pontiac’s trade-in vehicles. Carthage was a relatively distant suburb back then, but everyone who ventured there certainly had no trouble finding the new Sky Pontiac: Where Paddock meets Vine, at”… the Big Indian Sign

Read the rest of the story by Jay Gilbert at Cincinnati Magazine

The Chapters of Your Life

Sunday, December 20, 2020

There was one more birthday surprise that warrants a dedicated post.

Last October I was part of a panel of photographers having conversations about photography and life that Michael Wilson put together. For my part of the presentation I talked about the importance of photos in context of a book I made for my mom’s life celebration earlier that year.

My friend Erik from California was in the audience that evening. He thought it was a moving story and encouraged me to try and recapture the audio portion.

So this time last year I rambled for 9 minutes into a microphone, sent it along and filed it away.

Earlier this week Erik said he had my birthday gift ready, it was up on Vimeo whenever I was ready… I waited til the day of my birthday. We shared a video connection for the premiere.

I had no idea what I was in for. By the time it finished I could barely whisper, “Thank you.”

So many powerful feelings of remembrance, and tears.

He transformed my words with images from the book, recorded video up in the mountains of California and added type from my mom to bookend the piece.

Of course, I don’t really enjoy listening to myself and want to chop it up, but you know? Sometimes we just need to slow down and let things be what they are.

I’m so glad this short film exists.

If you’re feeling sturdy, or less than sturdy for that matter, here it is:

We’ve received heartfelt notes from folks who were moved, some from recent loss.

There were asks for recipes and clarification (what was on her list of favorites?) Here’s a snapshot of one page. I’ll find the others and append.

The book itself was printed by Blurb. Highly recommend their service.

In fact, here you can look through the pages (I recommend clicking the arrows to make it full screen):

A very special birthday during a pandemic

The day started with texts and boy do some of my friends wake up EARLY.

After some coffee, a video call with the Duvalls—but beforehand I had to go find a gift Tom had hidden in the building. I unwrapped it as they sang the birthday song and now I’ve got a pretty neato Lego project on the horizon.

Then a virtual hello from my Sis and her crew.

Midday we popped over to birthday-twin Richard’s house for gift exchanging on the patio. Tried to get the camera far away from my midsection to capture the moment.

Then it was cocktails through a screen with friends from St. Louis, Illinois and California.

And to cap it all off? Benihana, delivered.

A pretty frickin’ awesome start to 49.

I saw Santa!

Saturday, December 19, 2020

My friend Laura posted this photo and mentioned this was the last day Santa would be visiting Northside at Happen Inc.

Looked at my watch, there was still time!

I bolted out the door.

As I approached Santa, sitting safely behind a pane of plexiglass, I made the motion of ‘Is it okay if I take a picture?’ and then I heard his “Ho, ho, ho” through a rigged up speaker above the door. Genius. They made it easy for folks to have a chat.

I love holiday pictures with Santa, or the Easter Bunny, or those sepia toned ones where you dress up like cowboys, or even more exotic outfits.


Edie on Ottoman or, I got the fake Eames

Friday, December 18, 2020

In January I pondered the Eames chair. A month later I found a replica in the tall version and pulled the trigger. (I would link to the store but their site has evaporated.)

After some grueling assembly, I’m wondering if I’d like the real one. There’s no lower back support (or I’m simply built the wrong way). One day I’d like to sit in a real one again and see if some magic didn’t translate in the ripoff.

Alas, it looks nice. And Edie likes the ottoman.

Related to the day: As the week draws to a close I’ve been switching gears so often that my expression matches Edie’s here—as I try and remember which directory I’m supposed to be working in.

Enjoying the patterns

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Waiting for a delivery.
Sitting in the lounge.
Enjoying the patterns.

Reminded that the backgammon set has a bum hinge and I missed the return window.
Mental note: Find the manufacturer and write them directly for a replacement.

Monster snowflakes

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

As I minimize my news intake, I didn’t realize we were in for snow. And not just any snow, monster fluffy snowflakes that piled up for just enough to lift the spirits.

This photo doesn’t do em justice.