The pool is open

Monday, May 27, 2019

Hey, can I bring friends over and use your pool and backyard? We’ll do the grilling and try our best to tidy up afterward.



(Thanks to Andrew, Heather and family for letting us crash Memorial Day.)

Everyone gave up on dietary restrictions

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Tents and chairs folded.
Everything that needed to be inside was taken inside.
My car was full so I took Livia and Thor (members of the cool name club) out to get ice cream and milkshakes for everyone remaining.
Putz’s creamy whip reliably provided the goods.

Big family group hug.

When it came time to feed 8 grown men later? Everyone gave up on dietary restrictions and a single Adriatico’s pizza did the job.

Celebrating Paula

This was the big day. Everything over the last few months led up to this handful of hours on a Sunday afternoon.

Organizing the household, getting the garden in order, creating pieces to share… Everyone working together to honor and celebrate the life of Paula.

Then there were the variables we didn’t know: How many people would come? Will the weather hold up? How do you make paper again?

And then everything simply fell into place.

It was wonderful.

Folks from all walks of mom’s life came through her home and, we hope, got to know a little bit more about the woman we all love dearly. It was a celebration of her favorite things: July 4th on the porch, packed bookshelves, fresh flowers, a music playlist that never looped, cold drinks, a spread of food she loved, and paper making beside the colorful garden.

There were many asides and conversations. It was a whirlwind of goodness.

The weather held off until the final hour but by that time it was a welcome reason to reconvene under the porch or tents.

Right before things got going, Thor snapped this photo across the street. (Many of the images in this post are thanks to him!)

Favors on the porch for the kids (or young at heart) to take.

A painting of Paula by Robert’s friend Douglas.

Gifts from Ginger and Richard.

A delight seeing folks walk around with an armload of books. My brother, sister and great niece had stamped each with mom’s name:

Wildflower seeds in handprinted bags.

Mom’s friend Ginny that taught her how to make paper arrived with her husband. She gave us pointers on how to improve our process and said we must add inclusions to the pulp; Paula would never want plain paper! So Livia kept sprinkling petals from the garden and manned the station all afternoon. Turns out she has a knack for it.

No party favor was left unused. Even some bubbles appeared in every corner of the yard at one point.

Overall? It was cathartic and even magical.

Wherever mom is (I like to think everywhere), I have no doubt she smiled all afternoon and well beyond.


Saturday, May 25, 2019

My great niece Livia is turning 11. To commemorate we met up at a trampoline joint called Get Air. I wasn’t about to do any jumping, but they had massage chairs like the ones you see in airports… I’ve always given those bloated lazyboys some serious side eye. But after 15 minutes in one? I am changing my tune. They’re kind of sublime — as was Livia’s celebration.

A handful more photos from the day

Full house

Friday, May 24, 2019

Jim, Kevin and Chad came into town and all of a sudden there was a full house of friends.

Virtual kayaking

Thursday, May 23, 2019

This would be the day I caved in against my best judgement and bought a product from Facebook. As one of the first VR rigs that doesn’t require tethering to a machine, the reviews were super compelling for the Oculus Quest.

It actually is pretty amazing, even with the reduced polygon count and lower resolutions. VR is more about all the other components that come together to form a fluid experience. This pretty much hits all the right notes. Also? Beat Saber.

Here’s what Erik was experiencing above.

In other news, Edie has a new place to watch things unfold in the living room:

Introducing old friends

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Old as in: I’ve known them a long time…

Erik hadn’t intended on getting a haircut, but after hanging out at Tiny Tina’s with me, he jumped in the chair and got his Kenny Rogers locks refined.

We did a loop through Spring Grove on the way back home.

Scanning patterns

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Two experiments found while sorting through things at mom’s. We particularly liked the fingerprint pattern below.