Saturday, August 17, 2019

We lost. 1 – 4.

An approaching storm and a drive thru

Two unrelated photos.

A proper introduction

Laura and Jenn’s family grew by one. And to commemorate the naming of their daughter they brought together family and friends. It was a moving moment for two folks that have hearts so big, it’s a joy to behold.

Old Farts

Friday, August 16, 2019

Eric and his friends make a ride up to Yellow Springs and back every year. They call it the Centennial ride and to commemorate this year he wanted a t-shirt. The big title says Alter Kockers (that’s what they call their team.)

It roughly means “Old Farts” in yiddish.


Thursday, August 15, 2019

This photo has so much tension and so little subject matter.

The most significant part of the day was me getting a phone set up on T-Mobile so I could have some connectivity for the upcoming trip. I should’ve taken a photo of that process because it would’ve been a heckuva lot more interesting.


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Dinner and drinks in Covington with friends. Everything was splendid save for this flat tire.

Selfie with annoyed cat

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I’m technically not working when this photo was taken at 7pm. I was looking back at photos from 10 days prior. Mortified this sole image is what must be posted if I am going to fill in all the days.

Edie is obviously disgusted with me.

(Tangent: There needs to be skip function where this sort of post is suppressed from RSS and the website, only to be revealed in search or something.)

Settling back in

Monday, August 12, 2019

Co-working Cincinnati

This photo has been taken before, but I was taken by the sky and the light. I’d been spending lots of time in the building in the center of the photo. Work hitting on all 12 cylinders.