Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Esquire Theater marquee at night



We were crying.

(Bonus? All movies are 6 bucks on Tuesdays at the Esquire Theatre.)

Releasing steam

Monday, July 1, 2019

How many photos did I take on the first full day back home in Cincinnati?


So here’s a collection of some bonus New York shots.

A mural from Mercado Little Spain at Hudson Yards in the bottom of the mall. Yup. The Mall.

Fuku. It’s like Chick-fil-a without the doubt of homophobia.

Aldo Piacenza Birdhouses from the collection of Roger Brown at the Museum of Arts and Design.

The ever vertically growing and very skinny skyscrapers of Manhattan

Creating eBay alert for 1968 Ansel Adams posters for the National Parks. (These seen at the Filson store.)

Sardi’s across from the Shubert Theatre. We went there after To Kill a Mockingbird (I still ned Cliff’s Notes). On our way out, Jeff Daniels was at the bar looking like he just put his all into a two performance day. And he did.

The view from Patrick & Thor’s joint at sunset.

Pride without the parade

Sunday, June 30, 2019

I would miss the big Pride parade, but I was able to feel it tangentially. It started with this special edition MTA card that Thor had ready and loaded for my arrival.

Billboard in the West Village

Julius’ – the oldest continuously operating gay bar in the city. (These demarkations always need a modifier.)

The Pride & Passion cocktail that Thor ordered at Robert. (bonus points for pansy garnish)

Inside Oscar Wilde, The Restaurant™—tacky like a Cracker Barrel, with slightly fancier food.

Crowd sourced messaging at Fishs Eddy.

The gay display at Kmart at Penn Station.

Srsly, everywhere there were rainbows. (Yay🌈!)

Caught Trick for the first time at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn (also my first time being at one of their theaters.) The movie was super adorbs and also VERY GOOD. How did I miss this? Extra awesome bonus? Q&A with the director above who was joined by cast and crew after the show!

Thor’s socks.

Some fruits.

Virtual Reality Times Square

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Whoaaaaaa. Virtual Reality is *amazing*. It’s like you’re RIGHT THERE.

Photos by Tina, who braved Time’s Square to entertain this silly notion.

📸 Here’s Proof

Transitioning to Brooklyn

Friday, June 28, 2019

Started the day getting to the Tattly / Creative Mornings HQ.

Hung out with Ginger.

And then made it to a stoop, where the world slowed down to exactly the right pace to close out the week.

A tip of the hat to SwissMiss for all of it.

The Origin of Love poster

Thursday, June 27, 2019

I had made a poster for John Cameron Mitchell’s Origin of Love show in Australia last year, sharing stories and songs from Hedwig to raise money for his mom’s healthcare. Alzheimer’s is a beast.

When he said he’d be doing the show a year later in New York I enthusiastically put it on the calendar. I hadn’t realized it’d be in the swirl of Pride month and proximity to Folsom Street East.

So everything fell into place for this trip and I’m extremely grateful. As the date drew nearer, I wanted the artwork to be committed to ink on paper and enlisted the help of DIY Printing to make a traditional poster. Aaron made it pop with rich red and silver inks.

I went and saw the Saturday show and it was excellent to hear the stories from Stephen Trask and John about the journey to Hedwig. The night would have many special moments: real-time overhead projections by an artist to the side of the stage, and a rousing rendition of Dance This Mess Around with Lena Hall, Miriam Shor and Amber Martin.

Standing ovation.

Super Funland

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Museum of Sex was having a few interesting exhibitions: one related to punk artwork and another with photography by James Bidgood. Both were solid, but the part I really enjoyed was their new Super Funland area. Less for the content, more for this trippy corridor.

These dioramas in the waiting hallway were pretty great too.

Poster House

We’re not done with posters yet on this trip! A brand new museum dedicated to showcasing design, advertising, and the history of posters opened less than a week ago in Chelsea.

Poster House kicked things off with two exhibits and some of the most fun interactive components I’ve experienced in a museum. I was particularly fond of the work by cyan.

In this interactive bit, probably intended for kids, you can see how CMYK panels come together and form an image.

I normally bristle when I see interactive screens, but these “make a poster” workstations helped me understand color theory, stylistic eras and concepts. Plus also? It was fun!

You could even jump in front of a green screen and inject yourself into a poster. (I think Rachel is holding a large bottle of wine above.)