Sunday, April 7, 2019

Caught the a.m. showing of Shazam! with my brother Robert. Totally delightful with some surprise thrown in to boot.

We went to the theater attached to the mall but the Easter bunny hadn’t shown up for work yet so we didn’t get our picture taken. 😕

The Fringe

Saturday, April 6, 2019

The FRINGE is an evolving public art piece, a pop-up bookstore, and a series of programs focused on inclusion and creative expression. I stopped by the first evening it was open and had a look around at all the art around the block.

Silence Do No Good by Breanne Trammell

Karen Boyhen

Nathaniel Russell

The nice weather

Friday, April 5, 2019

We’re getting slices of warm weather and it is lovely. Even better? Grace (not pictured) was in town for a spell and inspired a visit downtown. We shared a drink and a quick catch-up and then Casey and I left to grab some dinner and wander around with the nice weather.

New joint in OTR, Pins Mechanical Co.

That’s the construction of Kroger #513, our first refresh of an urban grocery in Cincinnati since 1969, conveniently located in the shadow of Kroger’s corporate office. (It will have residences and a parking garage to boot.)

City Hall

I can’t recall ever having stepped inside Cincinnati’s City Hall. I changed that track record today to find a beautiful building and a city government that has relatively open doors. It was a little dusty, maybe even a little sad because it felt so empty, but I attribute this to the time of day. Back in the plus column? The coffee and breakfast sandwich on site by BLOC.


Thursday, April 4, 2019

A friend had been rehabbing on old garage for some years. It all came together last winter and he was ready to open the doors to friends and colleagues, but instead of a big housewarming he organized over a dozen small dinners to fill the 8 seats around his kitchen island table—intentionally mixing and matching folks that might not know each other.

I was worried if I would flopsweat and flop jokes, but it turned out to be delightful. (Probably did both, but everyone was nice, so it was fine.)

Related—A few weeks later I came across this article: One Wedding Ceremony and 12 Tiny Receptions

Mental note made: Small guest lists are solid and good.

The evolution of an experiment

People’s Liberty was always framed as a 5 year experiment—a philanthropic lab to bring folks together and make our city better. I was lucky to take a year and consider how photography can help us view our neighborhoods and each other with more intent.

(I should also mention, I think every project should have a built-in expiration date that requires us to shake things up, challenge notions and pivot.)

Today we came together to say au revoir to Aurore. She managed all the grant processes and made sure everything was in order. It’s not goodbye though, she’s staying in Cincinnati and we’re all the better for that.

A little Centipede

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

“Want to play a little Centipede?” This is the joke I use whenever bringing out the New Wave Toys mini arcade to guests.


Tuesday, April 2, 2019

He may look stationary, and maybe even bored, but Andrew is sprinting in this photo.