Sunday, January 10, 2016

“My least favorite word of the year? Outrage. Outrage!

Outrage was everywhere. Human beings are addicted to outrage. It seems like the only thing America manufactures anymore is outrage.

People were outraged by the all female Ghostbusters reboot! To Starbucks replacing the baby Jesus with a red cup of Communism! To the dentist getting all those bad Yelp reviews!

There’s plenty of real injustices in the world to be sure, but the crazy thing the media’s doing is they’re just baiting us into outrage.

Of course it’s good to fight for good social causes, but the media/websites are using our social sensitivities and poking them to get website traffic. So they’re spreading more outrage, people are getting upset so they can get more traffic, they’re F#%&ing manipulating us! That is the most outrageous thing of all and no one ever points it out.

So the next time you see some article titled “PEOPLE ARE OUTRAGED…” and you look at that and go, “Are they really outraged about that?” Go in the comment thread and use the hashtag #outragebait and try and shame these $%#@bags who do not own our outrage!”

Chris Hardwick