The extent of the accumulation. I’ve started to really hunker down on recycling and I’ve stopped using aerosol hairspray altogether in hopes that we’ll have snow again one day. I’m also going to stop belaboring it now, promise.

Another dud forecast

This, after the forecasters (actually, just an app on my phone), said that we’d get accumulation. Nothing really stuck, but I did enjoy a tiny bit of hyperspace effect from flurries when driving through Kentucky.

Misty morning afternoon evening

The precipitation hanging in the air of late is lending a eerie softness to the landscapes. (Millville) It’s like traveling to another place with these shifts in weather. (Northside) And it all comes back to home as I sit there at my desk in the studio and this face extends up over the balcony. It’s a […]


The weather can’t decide to be freezing or warm, so I’m layering.

An icy mix

Reports warned of freezing rain. They were right. One way to combat this weather is with a bloody mary, and bacon.

Rainy days and Tuesdays

The kind of rain you normally see in the spring. The kind of rain that makes you wish the windshield wipers went up one more notch.

The snow kind of came

The day started out like a moody painting, but quiet and pretty like that can be. Tom was out of the studio with errands and upon his return he mentioned the snow was coming down. I’d been absorbed in the screen and hadn’t seen the gray-white blur obscuring the landscape out the window. I immediately […]

A common sight these days

Rain. I know, broken record here. Prepare for a weeks worth of ho-hum photos as the weather sets in, I dig in my heels to projects at work and battle a bit of seasonal health issues. Gesundheit!