A few inches

It’s cold

It’s cold. Plus also? It snowed.

Evidence of precipitation

The light, a shot

The light is surreal, shifting between sun and rain. (And by surreal I mean, Photoshoppy.) In other news, I was overdue for a flu shot. They have these stubby needles now. “It’ll feel like a bee sting” she said. Which was a bad way to describe it as I’d rather have a needle jab than […]

A little bit of color left

Didn’t quite miss all the tones of autumn. But today felt like winter was soon approaching. Time to pack up the short sleeves.

Torrential rain

▲  After the rain. ▲  During the rain. ▲  At a point during my drive home, right before the hail started coming down and I decided to turn around and park in a mall garage to wait it out. ▲  Much earlier in the day, there was this Ford Tempo.

It is time for stormy weather

Couple views of sunset

Nice sunsets heading over in to Kentucky this evenin’.