I’ve only just started to watch Rick and Morty. It’s funny and weird. Not sure I’m about to stand in line for szechuan sauce, but I did pop in the local bar that hosted the Rickmobile. (Normally the bar is hidden behind a VHS rental storefront with a secret door, but for this season they’re […]

I could watch this all day

Construction in the financial district, Ireland.


Tonka truck photographed for our free shipping promotion.

2015 Auto Show

The new Renegade looks… adorable. From a distance. My best in show would be the interior of the BMW i3. Unexpected materials and new lines make for something that feels more like a living room of the future than a car. Small changes can make an big impact, and the revised front end of the […]

Busken truck


Now that’s a hood ornament. Never noticed these until I saw a parked Mack truck on my first day of trying to walk off my spare tire.


I’m glad this style of graphic design fell out of fashion. The odd thing is, I can’t tell if this is retro, ironic, or something else entirely.

Ford 100

Uh-oh, between my backlog of photos (there’s some heavy duty days ahead with hundreds to sort through for each), I’m also beginning to prefer the “unedited” versions. My goal was to do this for a whole year to share what photos look like before fiddling. I’ll stick to my guns and continue. This is likely […]