2018 Auto Show

This year’s Auto Expo was like many of the others. LEDs are getting more neon-like, but otherwise? Just a lot more SUVs and crossovers. Kind of snoozy. Projecting logos on the ground when the door opens seems to be a thing now. This custom van interior seems good for road trips.


I’ve only just started to watch Rick and Morty. It’s funny and weird. Not sure I’m about to stand in line for szechuan sauce, but I did pop in the local bar that hosted the Rickmobile. (Normally the bar is hidden behind a VHS rental storefront with a secret door, but for this season they’re […]

I could watch this all day

Construction in the financial district, Ireland.

2016 Auto Show

The digital dashboard of the Audi A4 was likely my favorite thing about this year’s auto expo, and that’s only because I’ve never sat in a Tesla. Though I fiddled with the controls of the virtual cockpit and felt like it might not be as neato in driving practice. So yay for pretty, but I’ll […]


I think the new Volvo XC90 is quite handsome. It’s totally not in my price range, and the cost of ownership and service alone would push it even farther over that line. But it feels so decidedly restrained and not over-designed like so many vehicles of late, with their floating rooflines and swooshy lighting elements. […]


Tonka truck photographed for our free shipping promotion.

I still don’t like the White Castle logo

Over 10 years later and I still don’t like the White Castle logo. But I think the Dodge Challenger looks good from any angle. Also? Fall is happening very quickly.

2015 Auto Show

The new Renegade looks… adorable. From a distance. My best in show would be the interior of the BMW i3. Unexpected materials and new lines make for something that feels more like a living room of the future than a car. Small changes can make an big impact, and the revised front end of the […]