Say hello

One of the prompts of my PhotoScouting project was to Say Hello and ask a stranger to take their photo. I’m always trying to get better at it, to slow down, relish the opportunity, and be steady of heart and hand.

Edie, sleeps

Edie, on rug

Rain, maps and a really bland breakfast ”taco”

Super dig these maps by Herb Lester Associates. S’been rainin’, a lot. One bite. Then I put it back in the bag.


Met Tom at the theater to watch the Robocop reboot. The soundtrack was horrible, but it went really well with the movie! In other news, I feared these two in front of us would be a problem with their phones during the show. And I was right. I leaned over twice asking, “What ya Googlin?” […]


I know, it’s ridiculous. But in my defense, the case was a present from my friend Heather. (It is from Madewell, but seems like it’s no longer available.)

Casting a shadow

Sometimes if I’m drawing something and I need to include a shadow, I’ll make a model out of clay to see how it’d cast.

Edie, regarding longbox

CDs were neater when they came packaged in a longbox.