The closing of Macy’s downtown

It might be hard to parse, but there’s a man carrying Macy’s “Everything Now 40% Off” sign. Macy’s is closing our downtown department store in the shadow of their headquarters just a few blocks north. I feel like it’s a missed opportunity. It’s a lovely location in the heart of a city that continues to reinvent […]

Cat Aisle

This is also the day I saw The Last Jedi, but I wasn’t about to take a photo in the theater. My initial thought of the movie was a bit blank, but like an album that grows on you or a Polaroid picture that develops slowly, I think it’ll end up being a favorite. There […]

Women’s March Cincinnati


I’m ready for the future when we vote on issues independently of candidates and use the time in between elections to debate and discuss said issues. Also? I still want better designed “I VOTED” stickers.


Whoever made the original Lionel Richie “Hello” Flyer, I commend you for brightening my day. (And likely the days of many others.) Tried my best to figure out who to give credit to, and kept ending up at the Future Classics of the Internet. A fella named Stan made this nice downloadable PDF of the flyer so I […]

To the weirdo

Saw this on the way out of the building before leaving for Salt Lake City. It resonated with me.