The end of this Asia adventure

Ronald McDonald offering a standard Thai greeting called the wai. I grew to really appreciate this gesture that can mean hello, goodbye, apologies and thank you. It has an elegance of motion and intent. By the end of the trip I was trying my best to incorporate this motion in appropriate transactions. Speaking of adventure, […]

The dogs by the Bridge on the River Kwai

Kawaii! The River Kwai The Bridge on the River Kwai I just wanted to document that I indeed had some Pad Thai while in Thailand. Thing is, in most of the tourist friendly places it tasted pretty much like what you’d expect in the states, but instead of ordering a spice level, you’re provided peppers, […]

The other part of the day

This was one of those marathon days. There was the Grand Palace and Reclining Buddha in the morning, and then a half hour of Thai style massage, which is essentially a brutal non-sexual broach of personal space without oils and oddly enjoyable. We were getting grouchy from the heat at this point (you can see […]

The flower and vegetable market

If your tour of Bangkok has a trip to the “Floating Market” scheduled, skip it. Seriously. It’s like 2 hours away from the city and you can find all the same goods they’re selling at the mega awesome MBK shopping center downtown or the place pictured here: The Flower & Vegetable Market – Pak Khlong Talat. Rambutan: […]

Wanted Quality & Differentiation

If you were hoping for something different, please hold. I’m still clearing out photos from the last few days in Asia, though I arrived safely home yesterday. (Hello lovely Ohio temperatures of autumn!) But thanks to a whacked out internal clock, my 6am feels like 5pm. When’s dinner? And before I delve back into temples […]

Calypso Cabaret

First on tap in Bangkok? A Ladyboy Cabaret (a song and dance show with transgender men). We caught the tourist friendly version at Calypso with no expectations and were thoroughly entertained, dazzled really. What is this all about? Let me have others explain: “Thailand’s katoeys (“Ladyboys”) are some of the most beautiful – and convincing […]


Wat Phnom

The above is a shrine for Daun Chi Penh. According to legend she found four bronze Buddha statues housed in a tree on the Tonle Sap River after a flood. She had the townsfolk build a temple (Wat Phnom) on top a mound in the middle of the city.