American Sign Garden

Giddy to see the American Sign Museum repurposed and installed the old Cincinnati Gardens type today. Even using the old S! (hat tip to Eric) Related link: The Gardens Font Family Photo I grabbed of the building in March 2017 before it was torn down:

First snow

Of the season that is. And though it wasn’t particularly deep and there was a layer of ice under it all, it scratched the itch, blanketing the neighborhood in a quiet moment of transformation.


Got to Columbus Ohio to get ready for beer making. Went out to the 16-bit Bar and had some Dirty Franks. Good stuff.

The trees

I pass these trees each day driving to the studio, and slow to admire their huddle in the middle of a cornfield. These trees are the calendar I can’t flip ahead. I’d every intention of waiting for a complete year cycle to post these, but didn’t feel like waiting. So with a bit of jumping […]


Behind that speeding SUV? That’s where DuPont makes sulfur products and specialty acids in Fort Hill, Ohio. I drove by it on my way to get some fried chicken with the fellas.  


I don’t know what that smokestack is way off in the distance, but I like to imagine it is some fantastic factory.

New Jesus

Last time I captured this view, charred remnants were all that remained.